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Get background on a URL (or just hostname):


The line displayed by web browsers above the page in an address bar is a 'Uniform Resource Locator' or URL. The specification for a URL is laid down in rfc-1738.
Most common URLs are made up of these components:

  scheme           host         port             path          query                         

 >>-http://--+-host name--+--+--------+--/--path component--?-query--#fragment--
             '-IP address-'  '-:-port-'                      

This Site

Occasionally you may want to have addional information on a Uniform Resource Locator. That may be out of plain curiosity or because a URL seems to be pointing at a suspicious location like 'our fraud team blocked your credit card: click >here< to .. '


First the hostname: it resolves to one or more IP addresses (unless the name is not found..). Per IP address we can lookup its location and (in many cases) do a reverse looku p.
                                             .- location
                           .--- IP address --+
                           .                 .- reverse name 
                           .                 .- location
hostname >- resolves to >--+--- IP address --+
                           .                 .- reverse name
                           .                 .- location 
                           .--- IP address --+
                                             .- reverse name
More information on Domain names can be found for instance at IANA.


Quite often when a browser connects to a URL, the server wil redirect to a new url:
           .--- Redirects --+
           .                 .
           v                 ^
           .                 .
URL -- >---+-------->--------+---- >-

Server information

When succesfully connected to a server, this server may (or may not) send technical information back in its http header fields.


The information contained in certificates can be interesting.

Some more interesting info

If you point your browser at this URL, which other URL's are loaded:
Get whois info on hostname or IP number:
Show the html source the URL points to:
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